We are not a spa hotel.
But you can still relax and have a good time.
Press pause. Do something good for your body and soul. Feel the warmth in the Finnish sauna. Inhale fragrances in the steam bath. Enjoy the beneficial effects of mountain hay. After a long day or just because you want to: come to our spa area and stress and worries will be forgotten within a heartbeat. On reservation, you can relax in our sauna, steam bath and mountain hay room. The spa bag with bathrobe and towels is included.

Finish sauna

Sweat and relax
The circulation system is running at full speed, the muscles are relaxing. A sweating session in our Finnish sauna with 90 degrees and dry air is good for body and soul. It is good for your immune system and against stress. Infusions with the fragrances of pines or woods stimulate all senses. True relaxation after a beautiful day in the mountains.

Steam bath

Immerge in fragrance and steam
You don’t like it too hot? The steam bath is the right choice for you! Here, you can relax with pleasant temperatures around 40-50° Celsius. Thin steam surrounds the body. Soothing fragrances are good for the soul. Breathing becomes easier; the circulation system works well. The humidity and warmth are good for your skin. Your blood circulation is increased, and your skin looks fresher right away.

Heukraxenofen - out hay treatment

The power of mountain hay
South Tyrolian farmers always knew it: the essential oils of mountain hay are good against tiredness. In their living rooms, they put mountain hay near the oven. The steams and oils of warm hay have a positive effect on the whole organism. Back and shoulders relax. The valuable ingredients of mountain herbs and grasses give you strength, they help you regenerate and revitalize your body.

A sunny place to relax

Garden-spa in summer
Being on holiday sometimes means doing absolutely nothing. Just lie down on a sunbed and enjoy the sun. Read the newspaper, take in the fantastic view of the mountains. Be lazy, enjoy the day and don’t worry about anything. Our big garden with sunbathing area and our sunny terrace are the perfect place for that.

The perfect place to play for the young ones

Inside and outside
Explore the world on the pedal tractor. Play hide-and-seek and jump on the trampoline until you’re tired. Or have a look at the many different animals at the farm next-door: chicken and turkeys, cows, calves, and kittens. During winter and on rainy days, it doesn’t get boring in the play-room next to the dining room. Mom and dad can enjoy their breakfast while the young ones are playing. There is plenty of choice: board games, play mats, and books. It’s also possible to borrow the toys and books.
The best memories are always the activities we took the time for.